Kendall Lakes Landscape Company

Kendall Lakes Landscape Company Are looking for a Kendall Lakes landscape company capable of carrying out the most challenging landscaping jobs in the city? Greenleaf Landscape & Design is an experienced Kendall Lakes landscape company offering many landscaping services. From landscape design and installation to regular landscape maintenance, we even install your Christmas lights if you want us to.
If you are not gifted with tools or if you are simply too busy to take care of your garden, then a Miami-based landscape company is your safest bet to having sumptuous, beautiful grounds all year long.
Greenleaf Landscape & Design is a Kendall Lakes landscape company that provides an extensive list of services such as sod installation, pressure cleaning, landscape design, landscape maintenance, paver installation, lot cleaning, mulch installation, decorative rock installation, sprinkler installation, tree trimming, Christmas light installation, outdoor lighting, stump removal and more.
We are a Kendall Lakes landscape company ready to offer you efficient and cost-effective solutions for your lawn or yard. As a licensed Kendall Lakes landscape company, we have a vast knowledge of Miami's climate trends, so we can offer appropriate counseling on plant and material choices and how to meet city building codes.

Landscape Company in Kendall Lakes Florida

We have the best trained staff a Kendall Lakes landscape company could ask for. Our technicians are the most professional, creative staff, and they are ready to help you maximize your garden's potential. As a Kendall Lakes landscape company, we not only offer our services to beautify residential homes, we can also improve your office greenery. We are happy to accommodate the needs of all our customers, big or small, and we have the infrastructure to do so.
There is a reason why Miami is called "The Magic City" the wonderful atmosphere that our Kendall Lakes landscape company creates in this city is part of this magic. We want to turn every green space into the best version of itself, so you can enjoy a bit of paradise right outside your door.
If you are looking to turn your garden into a beautiful, lush area where you can just relax and enjoy nature, then we are the Kendall Lakes landscape company you need to call. Contact us by calling (786) 308-8156 or fill out the form below. We'll be happy to fulfill your request.