Turn Your Landscape into an Impressive Oasis by Choosing the Right Landscape Design Company

April 25, 2016

Our home is one of the biggest investments we will ever make. In order to enhance its value, a good landscape design is necessary. Hiring a respectable Landscape Design Company is not an easy task, since they can either provide us with a real work of art or our worst nightmare. A skilled landscaper will do whatever it takes to give you the landscape of your dreams, while a general contractor will fall short. Bad landscape design work is not something that can easily be fixed, so getting it right the first time is extremely important. The following tips will help you choose the right landscape designer for your space, budget, and tastes.

Do Your Research
The first thing you must do is decide what you want. A good question to start with is, what will you use your garden for? If you're still not sure, these questions can open up your creative side. Is it going to have a variety of plants? Do you want a fountain? Do you want a walkway? Do you want to use it for planting veggies and healing herbs? Once you have a slight idea of the use you will give to your landscape, start doing research on the internet. Find some images of landscapes you like and see if they can be applied to your own. You can also look at landscapes in your neighborhood. If you find one you like, ask your neighbor about the contractor that did the job for them and take some photos too.
Once you have collected a good amount of pictures and identified your style, as well as the features you are looking for, it's a pretty good idea to make a sketch of how you envision your garden space. You do not have to be an artist to do this, just jot down in the simplest way what you would like. You can even add descriptions of the things you want l. Let out the creativity inside you! This is a great way to explain to your contractor what you want.

Make a List
By now you have seen some landscape designs you've liked, and you've gone through the internet and found some pretty good landscape design companies. Now, gather all the information in one place and make a list. It doesn't matter how long your list is, you will then narrow it down to at least five landscape design companies. Collect all the information you can from them such as their email, website, and phone number and call them to request an interview.

Interview the Designers
On the day of the interview, the designer will probably ask you about your preferences, what the space will be used for, your budget and timeframe, maintenance, etc. This is the perfect time to ask for references, recommendations, which associations they belong to, and any other information that may help you make the decision.

Ask for a Budget
After you've had meetings in person and have gone through some portfolios and ideas from the designers, you should consider several proposals. The landscape design companies you choose must provide a detailed and clear estimate and offer maintenance services.

Review Your Options
Now that you have the complete picture from several landscaping companies, it is time to make the big decision. Some important things you should consider from the information that was gathered are education and experience, references, portfolios, affiliations and associations, licensing, liability insurance, and reliability. By now you will have a pretty narrow list if not, a good rule of thumb that will help you with your decision is to select the one that leaves you with the feeling that "this is the company I want to work with because they listened to me, and they are willing to satisfy my needs".

Other Things to Consider
Other important things to consider are reliability and customer service. If you don't want to be like the couple from the movie The Money Pit who struggled to repair the dilapidated house they recently bought then reliability must be something to take into account. When hiring a good contractor, pick one that seems reliable, returns your phone calls on time, attends their appointments, and always communicates directly with you.

Also, consider the person's behavior and attitude. No matter how crazy your ideas are, a good landscape contractor should have the ability to turn them into something realistic and better than what you came up with. In the end, you are paying them to make your dreams come true.

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