Kendall Homeowners: Learn How a Sod Installation Can Benefit Your Landscape and the Environment

August 26, 2016

There's nothing more appealing to the human eye than beautiful, green nature. Therefore, many people like to have a vivid lawn in front, around, and even in the back of the house. By doing this, they look to supply their homes with natural beauty. Therefore, one of the landscaping services that is mostly commonly performed is sod installation. Sod is grass whose roots are attached to a thin layer of soil or a piece of another material. Commercially, it is sold in rolls that are then laid on the soil so the roots can grow into the ground. This procedure reduces the amount of time that it would usually take to grow grass. That's why it has become so popular.

In Florida, for instance, it is common to see neighborhoods filled with a lot of grass, as it is also normal to spot commuters every day rushing to their jobs or schools, which means they probably don't have time to dedicate to this procedure that is delicate and requires a time investment. If you are a Florida resident and can't do this by yourself, either because you lack the time or skills for it, a Kendall sod installation company can help you. Here is some information on general landscaping that you should take into consideration.

Beautiful Landscape with a Great Sod Installation in Florida
What are the benefits of having a neat, beautiful lawn?

Well, besides the appeal your garden will have, you will also be cooperating with the environment, your neighborhood, and your city.

How will you be helping the environment and your neighborhood with a sod installation?

That can be answered with another question: did you know that a properly maintained lawn filters storm water runoff? That means no excess of rainwater running down the streets and, consequently, less mess when rainy seasons come.

Also, grass reduces air temperature, which makes the air fresher during hot days. A scientific study performed by a team assembled by members of the University of Melbourne and Monash University researchers showed that leafy, green streets and irrigated, open space areas were much cooler than urban areas with no green infrastructure at all. So, that means that by keeping your lawn in excellent condition, you help create a nice, environmentally friendly place for your family and neighborhood.

The Best Sod Installation Company in Kendall In addition to all of the above, it is necessary to take watering into account. How you water your sod is very important. It is essential to provide your lawn with the appropriate amount of water. If it is overwatered, this will result in rotten roots. In case you didn't know, the soil where your turf lies is composed by sand, silt, and particles of clay, which create porous spaces that store oxygen. As you know, oxygen is fundamental for plant growth. When water enters the soil, it fills these pores and pushes out the oxygen, depriving the roots of it. Therefore, watering every day is not required. Plus, overwatering prevents the nutrients in fertilizers from getting to the roots, as they are washed away before they can be absorbed by the plant.

So, now you know some of the reasons why properly maintaining and having your yard covered by green, fresh grass is important. Also, for better results, you should pair your lawn with other plants and flowers.

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