5 Ways Landscape Designers Can Transform Your Outdoor Space

April 18, 2016

In recent years, homeowners have realized that landscape design can really change the appearance of their property. This has led to a newfound appreciation and demand for good landscape designers. These professionals combine modern design with the peacefulness of nature and make sure that any outdoor space is aesthetically pleasing and sustainable. They also oversee the landscape planning of a property and the elements involved in garden design, which means that they often collaborate with related disciplines such as botany, architecture, and geography. Here are 5 ways landscape designers can help you transform your property's outdoor spaces by creating projects that combine artisanship, environmental sustainability, and horticultural expertise.

1. Hardscape Design
Hardscape design as its name implies refers to the hard landscape materials that are incorporated into the design process. In the first stages of landscape design, hardscaping is used to give your outdoor space the desired shape to later add decorative or recreational features, for example, fountains and swimming pools. It focuses on paved areas, such as driveways and other spaces that involve materials like stone and concrete. The main purpose of hardscaping is installing features that allow human traffic, protect the soil, and prevent erosion.

2. Softscape Design
In contrast with hardscaping, softscape design includes the horticultural elements of the landscape such as trees, flowers, shrubs, and grass. It also involves working with color schemes and planting patterns. Some softscape elements, such as trees, can be a permanent part of the design others can be temporary with the use of seasonal plants. The real task for a designer is achieving an aesthetically pleasing space by arranging and planning these elements in a balanced way. Therefore, a good landscape designer knows how to harmoniously combine hardscape and softscape design elements.

3. Garden Design
Designing a garden is a creative and artistic process that requires planning and creating layouts for planting. Garden design can be performed by amateurs or professionals. Nevertheless, there are elements that need to be considered to create a garden that meets the homeowner's needs and wishes. These considerations include how the garden complements the rest of the house, the horticultural characteristics of the plants like their seasonal appearance, lifespan, and pairing with other plants, and the style desired by the homeowner. A well-designed garden can enhance the charm of your home, reinforce its strengths, and hide its weaknesses.

4. Sustainable Landscaping
Sustainable landscaping is a practice that was developed in response to environmental issues such as water conservation, preservation of natural biodiversity, and energy efficiency, among others. A sustainable landscape should be functional, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Homeowners who want their outdoor space to be eco-friendly can enjoy the benefits of sustainable landscape, which include irrigation efficiency, minimal environmental damage, and minimal use of chemicals.

5. Decorative Outdoor Spaces
Landscape designers are experts that can turn your green areas into visual works of art by designing decorative outdoor spaces. Examples of these spaces include incorporating planters on balconies, rooftop gardens, green walls, and courtyards that are heavily planted to provide a visual amenity for homeowners.

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