5 Benefits of Hiring a Sprinkler Installation Company in Kendall

August 05, 2016

When keeping a garden looking fresh, green, and beautiful, the irrigation system is a key element. An irrigation system is simply a method for delivering water to where it's needed or to divert water to keep an area from overflowing. Irrigation systems have been used for thousands of years as a means to deliver water to crops. This practice has taken place almost since humans started cultivating plants for food. Many cultures across the world have come up with ingenious ways of keeping crops running all year round, regardless of the season. In ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, about 8000 years ago, irrigation systems were built to control and divert overflowing water from the Nile and Euphrates river towards crop fields and then back to the rivers, when it was convenient. In the Andes Mountains of Peru, archaeologists found evidence of what is believed to be the first irrigation system in the new world. Sprinkler Installation Company in Kendall and this Beautiful Gardens
Nowadays, thanks to the existence of electricity and plumbing, irrigation systems have become as diverse as crops, and they are used for applications other than agriculture. Besides their agricultural applications, they are now very common in many households in the US. If you live in Florida, where the weather varies from monsoonal to desert-like, keeping your garden properly watered all year round can be a tough job, so hiring a Sprinkler Installation Company in Kendall is probably one of the best decisions you will ever make. Here are some of the benefits of installing a sprinkler system to keep your home's landscape watered:

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  • It will save water. Installing an irrigation system can help you use water effectively and efficiently, while maintaining a healthy landscape. This is not only good for the environment, reducing water waste by runoff or excessive watering, but it also helps ensure a good water supply for future generations.
  • It will save you money. As explained before, water will be used more efficiently. Thus, your water bills will be much lower. Most people use excessive amounts of water when watering their lawn and garden. Using a sprinkler system will guarantee that your lawn or garden gets the exact amount of water it needs.
  • It will save you time. Since they are automated systems, there is no need to waste time manually watering your garden. You simply set the timer and voila! Time to do those things you enjoy the most. You can even go on vacation and leave the job to the sprinkler system.
  • It will ensure your garden stays healthy. Believe it or not, just as not enough water can dry your plants up, too much water can make your plants sick. An irrigation system will ensure you'll get a beautiful looking lawn that will stay healthy for the entire season.
  • It will let you organize and customize a watering plan. Depending on the size and shape of your yard and the type of plants you have, you can schedule watering times and set sprinkler patterns that meet their water needs.

Sprinkler Installation Company in Kendall Contact UsAs you can read, installing sprinklers to water your garden or lawn will make your life easier while saving you time and money! At Greenleaf Landscape & Design we offer sprinkler installations and many other services such as sod installation, tree trimming, pressure cleaning, landscape design and maintenance, and more. If you are ready to switch from manual watering to sprinkler irrigation so you can keep a healthy and beautiful lawn and garden, don't hesitate to contact us at (786) 308-8156. If you prefer, you can fill in the contact form below and one of our representatives will get in touch with you.